Fashion Faceoff: Rihanna vs. Lady GaGa

Rihanna and Lady GaGa have red hot careers, but they also have signature styles that have turned them into fashion icons. Both stars were in London this week; GaGa was honored at the Billboard Touring Awards while Rihanna hosted a Christmas tree lighting celebration.

So who brought their best style with them? GaGa’s outfits have been kind of lackluster lately, but her new blonde bob looks great on her. It’s definitely an improvement on the drab, gray color she experimented with last week. She also brought back her super high platforms, and she didn’t fall on her face at all this time! The shoes and sunglasses she wore with her purple dress looked fabulous, even if it looks like she’s wearing a sack with two holes cut in it.

Rihanna looked absolutely stunning, as usual, but parts of her outfit looked a little suspect, as usual. The bow looks cute with her red hair, but the skirt looks a little awkward when paired with that gray and black busier. Even so, Rihanna wears bright neon colors better than anyone, and with the stage lights beaming down on her she actually glows a little. Of course having gold on your wrist and chest doesn’t hurt either.