Bolly Celebrities at their Extreme Exposer

Well, these gals have the good old SA and they aren't afraid to flash it! Take a look at what they want you to see!

Kashmira Shah
Kashmira is making everyone go GAGA over this peek-a-boo !

Poonam Pandey
In a white bikini but seems as if her intentions are anything but pure!

Padma Lakshmi
She has what it takes and she shows it!

Sarah Jane Dias
What's on your mind sarah, when you look at the camera with that smile?

Amisha Patel
Amisha packs a double punch cuz her innocent face belies what she's doing!

Mink Brar
She's been in a mud bath- bet many would love to wash her off!

Barbara Mori
Now someone should tell her that bare hands don't make a good bikini top... but maybe she doesn't want to know!

Poonam Jhawar
This one is for adults only!