Ashley Greene: Glamour Gorgeous

She’s one of three cover girls for the May 2011 issue of Glamour magazine, and Ashley Greene is simply stunning. In her interview, the “New Moon” babe marvels at the fact that she’s such a huge star, yet she has very little experience in Tinseltown. Ashley explained, “I still am extremely green in some ways. And so each time I work on a character, it is very exciting, very scary.”

As for what lies ahead of the “Twilight Saga” gigs, “It is difficult because people look at you as that character. I want to play a role of a 24-year-old woman, not 17-year-old girls. So I have picked a couple of films like Butter to show that. And it’s perfectly fine not to do anything for a year if I don’t find the right thing.”

And when it comes to keeping her nose clean, “I keep to the ground rules. I’m not going to get drunk at a bar. There are younger girls who look up to me. So I do my best not to stray too far.”

Photo Credit: Glamour