Sexiest Man Alive, "Salman Khan "

B-town macho hunk the Dabangg Khan Salman has been voted as India's hottest man alive by People Magazine.

Big Star Power
Proving yet again that he is Bollywood's biggest star Salman Khan was recently voted India's hottest man alive in the latest issue of People Magazine.

Not All Brawn
After two successful decades in the industry including being the lead in Bollywood's biggest ever blockbuster Dabangg, this year's hottest star as the magazine quotes 'Shows us that Sexiness lies not just in the Biceps but in being All Heart'

Sexy Innocence
Perhaps it's the deadly balance of innocent face on a physic to die for that makes women go wild.

People's Favourite
Not too long ago Salman Khan was voted 7th best-looking man in the world by 'People Magazine' and also one of the sexiest men alive alongside Hollywood stars - for now though he reigns the 'Sexiest Man Alive in India' !

No Poll Needed
Many of Sallu's fans will agree that Salman doesn't need a poll to justify his charm amongst women.
Photo Credit : Santabanata