famous celebrities without makeup

The Beautiful superstar Leona Lewis has been named not only the sexiest vegetarian, but the most pretty and beautiful opening of the year. The winner of the TV show searching for young talents ( X Factor ) had not yet managed to disappoint the audience with his tired and unkempt appearance, however, various Western publications are beginning to publish pictures of the singer without makeup, in which her face does not look as radiant as the picture on the right.

Shock - the only thing that can be tested by looking at the picture on the left. Famous actress Goldie Hawn has always pleased the audience with his subtle humor, charmand, of course, the beauty from which nothing is left without the help of makeup artists.

Legendary model was photographed without makeup, leaving the school in which learns her five year old son Casper. Pale face and the wrinkles are talking about that at thisstage of lifeClaudia Schiffer sees himself in the role occupied by the mother, not a smart model that won millions of hearts.

Famous Beautiful rock singer appeared on the awards ceremony, Billboard Music Awards with stunning makeup, accentuating the color of eyes and full lips. But the picture on the left, which was filmed during shopping, Courtney has dispelled the myth of her beauty.

Get your hair cut and style, the actress visibly prettier, but only for the premiere. Picture left shows that in everyday life, she is still clumsy Bridget Jones.

The winner of an Oscar has demonstrated its elegant appearance at the premiere pictures ( Iron Man ) and only a few days after a brilliant appearance on the red carpet surprised reporters in the opposite way - tired face with bruises under her eyes.

Queen of the music world Madonna has always shocked his fans a perfect body and face.Thanks to the help of plastic surgeons and makeup artists, the singer acknowledged the sexiest woman in 50 years of age. However, during a trip to Malawi, the star refused to usual glamorous image and, of course, make-up.

It's no secret that Britney Spears went through hard times. Fill the Internet with horrific pictures of the former pop princessLooking at these pictures, it seems that nobody can help her solve the problem with skin and put in order the dirty matted hair. But after just half a year, Britney Spears was back in shape and find an incredibly talented make-up artist and stylist who can work wonders to her face and body.

Probably no one is prepared to recognize the fact that the star of "Basic Instinct" is agingThanks to help make up artist, at public events, she manages to hide his age.However, the picture on the left clearly visible deep wrinkles and skin pigmentation, recalling that we are not eternal.

Charming Russian tennis fans are always pleased with her beautiful forms andattractive features, leaving the courtHowever, walking through the streets of Los Angeles, the sexual athlete forgotten her swollen face and red eyes.

Sex-bomb has always loved bright make-up and now we understand why. Pamela Anderson rarely appears in public without makeup, because he understands that these photos could have an impact on its reputation as a recognized sex symbol and destroy the myth that "big breasts - it's all".

Yes, it really is Salma Hayek. Beautiful,pretty,Charming,gorgeous,graceful and sexy actress has the right to rest. Unfortunately, relaxing on the beach, the star has decided to discontinue using make-up and appeared before the photographer in its natural form.

AskMen found it the most desirable woman in show businessYes, Jessica really has a great body and good flavorLooking at the picture on the left, it begs the question - Did the guys from AskMen actress without makeup ?

Beautiful Spanish actress famous for its natural beauty - it has not once appeared on the screen without makeup and fascinated film fansJudging from the photo without make-up,Penelope was stressful work week and for several days without sleep. It remains the hope that she sleeps a little, and again won the hearts of his fans a compelling look.

Makeup artist Eve deserves an honorary prize. It can be called one of the most professional and talented make up artists around the world - see for yourself by looking at these two photos. Even the snow-white smile "Desperate Housewives" does not help her look attractive.

It may be noted, only one - an incredible transformationOne of the smartest women in the music industry was shocked fans and photographers with its natural - its appearance in public without make-up created a furor.

The American People magazine named the star of the most beautiful woman on the planet, and even put her picture without makeup on the cover of the holiday issue.Judging from the photo on the left, the publication has spent a lot of money and time on photoshop, as the face Drew, without the aid of makeup artists, could not attract a single buyer a popular magazine.

Did Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz threw the sake of this girl? Of course, we must remember Cameron photos without makeup, but this does not justify such a slovenly appearance of Jessica, which occupies a leading position in the rankings of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood.

Star of a popular television series "Grey's Anatomy" shocked the audience with hisnatural appearance - the actress came under rifle scopes paparazzi cameras in the early morning over a cup of coffee. Not for nothing that the stylists and makeup artistsmake millions for their work.

Model with a worldwide reputation has proven that even one of the most beautiful womenin the world without make-up may look like an ordinary girl from next door.