Kelly Brook Wallpapers

Want to know who the hell female celebrity who has obtained a beautiful body when bikinis? artist Kelly Brook was superior.

The poll, conducted Venus, Brook is seen as a figure worthy of the nickname The Best Bikini Body 2011. The reason is simple, yes because he had a body that is charming with beautiful shapes and awake in the eye. He is also rated as having a leg which is also good.

Not only the man who gave that assessment. Among women who engaged the poll also approved. Not surprisingly, model, actress, presenter and former Playboy model was ranked first in the poll.

Brook's body when the bikini-clad beauty surpasses Jennifer Lopez, who is known to have bodies that are not less sexy. In the poll, Lopez was second, followed by Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife of the British Empire.

While her own entry in that category and position to the fifth or one rank under Katy Perry.

"Statistics of the body Kelly Brook (34-24-34) provide waist-hip ratio of 0.7, this shape is considered ideal to give an attraction for women in Western societies. A woman with a curvy body shape is the ideal body figure, "said psychologist Donna Dawson.

Meanwhile, in the top ten occupied by singer Rihanna, Coleen Rooney, Lady Gaga, Katie Price and Sam Faires.