Will Winslet change her name to Rocknroll?

Kate not only wants to move in with boyfriend Ned Rocknroll, but she also wants to marry him.
Rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay — and so, too, is Rocknroll. In a shocking turn of events, Kate Winslet is getting serious with her latest boyfriend… Ned. Rocknroll. Ned Rocknroll. I know, it still baffles.

Ned, whose one thing going for him is that he’s Sir Richard Branson’s nephew, and Kate have been dating since September, when they were at Necker Island and that fire broke out and Kate became a superhero. Turns out Kate used her superpowers to save Branson’s mother, but in the chaos and confusion, she somehow lost her marbles.

 Since that fateful weekend, Kate kicked her model boyfriend to the curb and began dating Ned. Kate and Ned’s relationship has moved fast and furiously because not only are they looking to shack up, but marriage may soon be in the cards. Too bad he still has to get a divorce from his estranged wife.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate and Ned are house-hunting. Kate currently shares a NYC apartment with ex-husband Sam Mendes, but she now wants her own place with Rocknroll.

“Kate and Ned have barely spent a day apart since they met,” said a friend. “They have been travelling together recently but are hoping to find a base that they can call home.

“Sam isn’t keen on them moving into the New York place, which they own jointly, so Kate is looking for something else, either in the States or Britain.”

 But Star magazine (via Cele|Bitchy) is taking it one step further, and an insider claims that they are “soulmates” and friends are expecting an engagement announcement soon.

“Kate says she’s found her soulmate,” reveals the insider, who also noted that Kate’s daughter, Mia, 11, and son Joe, 7,  are wild about Ned. “She wants to be his wife, and he’s keen on the idea.”

“Keen” doesn’t exactly translate to super-enthusiastic, no? Maybe because a dude who filled out a form and registered to change his name from Abel Smith to Ned Rocknroll doesn’t sound like the most romantic of guys. I wish I could get past the name. Sure, Ned could be sweet, delightful, donate to charities, feed and clothe the homeless, but I just don’t expect that from a guy who goes from Smith to WTF. He is still married and he changed his moniker from normal to bizarro — a real winner. Just… no, Kate. NO.