Cheeky Chinese Cheerleaders

1. Too Distracting !
Bikini-clad cheerleaders during 'Guangzhou Asiad beach volleyball' matches for example, added glitz and glamour but they are apparently proving too hot for some competitors who claim the blazing intensity of their sexuality and firm-yet-supple bodies are too distracting, making it very difficult to concentrate.

2. Cheerleading Routines
Besides cheering on the already capacity crowds, the girls also perform routines that include traditional Chinese elements including martial arts and fan dancing

3. Player's Woes
These girls are very beautiful. With them around, some players fear that they will get more attention than the game(s).

4. Giving American Cheerleaders A Lesson Or Two
Cheerleaders, until recent years, were never part of any Asian sport unlike in the US, where a major event, particularly NBA basketball and American football, is incomplete without those sexy pretty cheerleaders.

5. Bikinis And Hats
You can see the sexy young tings sometimes making an appearance wearing sailor hats and candy-cane bikinis, sometimes in cowboy hats again along with skimpy sky-blue bikinis.

6. Cold ? Of Course Not !
And what about the chilly November night air? 'Of course we are cold, but we are also warm-hearted, so this keeps everyone warm,' Yang, one of the cheerleaders said.