Veena Malik........ Pakistan's Rakhi Sawant

Pakistani wannabe and starlet Veena Malik definitely knows how to stay in the news. She has mastered the art of hitting the headlines and can definitely be called Pakistan's version of our very own Rakhi Sawant.

Source Speak
Sources say that Veena Malik sleeps with her make up on. We all know that Veena Malik changes her clothes 6-7 times a day. She has to check her make up every ten minutes.

It seems that while Veena was hastily trying to change into something new, with a towel wrapped around her and another outfit strapped on, the towel suddenly gave way and for about a fleeting 10 seconds or so, Veena Malik was stark naked in the Bigg Boss house.

Covered Up
Veena Malik immediately managed to pull up the towel and cover herself. But was this a a publicity stunt or was it a genuine accident? Who knows the true reality behind reality shows?